Covet – The Community Closet is a high end recycler of unloved items. We work hard to benefit the environment and our customers by bringing high quality items to our store and ensuring that they are not thrown into the landfills. You can find clothing, shoes, accessories and housewares in our fabulous community store. Everything from our store has been recycled and reloved. We sell New items too!
We support many projects in our community. A list of Local Charities benefiting from our services is coming soon.
We are always looking for new products.. We offer free pickup by appointment.


“Create Some Optimism for Optimism Place” Campaign

 Donate your salable Adult Clothing items to Covet and in turn Optimism place gets Cash.
 You Recycle, Optimism Place gets another fundraising opportunity. We all WIN! This program was successful so we decided to keep it as a permanent program at Covet.