Consignment Guidelines

Consignment Terms, Expiration & Payment

We are seasonal and accept drop in’s for Consignment,  We accept Adult clothing both Men’s and Women’s.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHILDREN”S OR MATERNITY CLOTHING!!  Items we are not able to accept we call No Thank You’s (NTY’s). . We retain the right to decline items for consignment based on our experience and current needs.

Items are priced at the discretion of Covet for up to a 90 day consignment period.

Consignors have the option of reclaiming unsold items at any time within the 90 days of their contract. At the end of the consignment period. It is the responsibility of the Consignor to come in and claim these items. You can come to the store and pull your items at any time.  At each appointment the consignor will be provided with an expiration date and the onus is on the Consignor to come to the store and pull their items or they will be donated. We apologize that we have had to switch to this new system but we have a large amount of consignors and we can no longer effectively organize the abundance of items to return, we were finding that 85 percent of our consignors were not returning to retrieve their items so we are establishing this new pull system to save time, packaging and energy.

Consignors will receive 40% of the selling price in the form of store credit or a pay out in cash. Cash is available for pick up ONLY after the 15th of each month.. Pay outs are made for the previous month’s sales. Cash or store credit not claimed within 180 days are forfeited by the consignor. Due to the abundance of consignors, we do not call for any reason.

NEW GUIDELINE EFFECTIVE FOR ALL CONSIGNMENT BROUGHT IN AFTER January 1st 2014. Effective January 1st 2014 anything sold and consigned after this date will have a buyers fee attached to it. This covers the cost of tagging, marketing and preparing for sale.


How it Works

New consignors must come into the shop to review guidelines with an Covet  associate.

Consignment is  available at any time, with a maximum of 15 items. If you have more then 15 items please call to arrange an  appointment. Appointments can be made to accommodate larger quantities. For safety reasons, all items are to be brought in an average size bin  or Box or reusable shopping bag. , Please NO GARBAGE  bags.. Clothing must be neatly laid flat  or folded, buttoned, snapped and inspected by the consignor for imperfections.

It is required that consignors carefully inspect each item and prepare it for sale according to our guidelines, prior to the appointment. All items must be clean and in excellent to new condition with NO stains, NO pet hair & NO smoke or mildew odor. All non-clothing items must be clean and in working order.

Clothing must be  In Season

Spring/Summer – (January -August)

Pants/Jeans, Capris, S/S Tops & S/S Dresses, Swimsuits, Shorts and Light Weight Jackets

**L/S Tops & L/S Dresses will be accepted through 3/1 – Spring appropriate ONLY!

Fall/Winter – (August -February)

Pants/Jeans/Cords, L/S Tops & L/S Dresses, Sweaters, Coats, Snowsuits
**S/S Tops & S/S Dresses will be accepted through 9/1 – Fall appropriate ONLY!
**Christmas items are accepted Oct. 1 – Dec. 1
All unsold Holiday items must be picked up by 1/15 or they become Covet property.
**Acceptance, rejection, pricing, sales or clearance of any item is at the discretion of Covet,
without notification.

During your appointment you must stay in the shop. Expect your appointment to take approximately 20 minutes. Your bin will be returned along with NTY’s.

explanation/guide to future consignments as well as your expiration date and pick up dates for retrieving unsold items. If you choose to reclaim unsold items, an inventory list will be provided for you the day of pick up. Any unclaimed items are the property of Covet . Covet  is not responsible in any way for lost, stolen or damaged goods.






No Thank You’s (NTY)
Items We Do NOT Accept
Dollar Store Items
Underwear (unless new and in package)
Socks (Unless NEW in the package)

Any GEORGE Brand items. Unfortunately with the new walmart built in Stratford we are unable to price these items.
**Please, please, please…DO NOT try to “slip in” damaged, stained or broken items

We respect your time, and we expect the same in return! pastedGraphic.pdf

We are a Thrift consignment shop, and we pride ourselves on striving to be the best.
We are a thriving business serving the community with quality new and used goods.
We look forward to you becoming a member of our COVET family.